Because we are a brand for kids, we design technical garments that can follow them everywhere while acting as a real protection. We want to bring technical fabrics, materials and details that exist in adult clothing straight to the children’s closets. Our garments rely on smart separable layers to be multi-seasonal. That is also a way to take less space on the hangers, to buy less different stuff and to focus on what really matters 

Outdoor Urban


What is outdoor urban fashion? What should it be? We believe in the proposal of garments that can be used both in town and in the countryside nature. They are more technical than city clothing, but also less inconvenient than specific outdoor clothes.



The kids have their needs, but parents do too! We design our products always keeping that in mind, for washing them, storing them, transporting them… Also including small details that make a big difference


From the beginning, working in close collaboration with parents for each design is essential for us. Who better than parents can know what they want? It is also a way to understand the real needs of each parent, to facilitate their little explorers’ lives and theirs at the same time.



At Whoop Kids, we have no time-limited collections. No fast-fashion.Only essential, timeless pieces. To be able to get back to one’s favourite garment from one year to another. This process take time, it is not dictated by the time constraints of the usual collections, only according to will, inspirations and research. Our production is always respectful for the environment, using fabrics made of recycled materials. Our first design, the Dee-Doo will come out for sale very soon, come and discover it! 

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